Patrick Joest for the GEMA webinar series

Patrick Joest shared his experience and knowledge in sync marketing & licensing in the webinar series for GEMA members. The audience was fascinated and gave great feedback.

Patrick Joest’s feature on the Redfield Records podcast

We are proud to share that one of the wkdj founders, Patrick Joest, was featured on the Redfield Records podcast. In this podcast, Patrick explains the basics of Synch, Publishing and Music Tech while also sharing his personal and professional stories.

Sven Hasenjäger at the „Music Market Mirror Sessions“

On September 12, wkdj‘s Sven Hasenjäger joined one of the series of „Music Market Mirror Sessions“ panels. He discussed opportunities for French music professionals in the German market, which was very insightful for the participants.

German-Danish Band Toechter awarded for debut release on wkdj-associated label DUR

The debut album of the German-Danish band Toechter that was released on the label DUR in Collaboration with Dussmann, Daniel Meteo (Random Noize Musick) and wkdj founder Sven Hasenjäger received the “Preis der Deutschen Schallplatten” (German Record Award) in category Electronic & Experimental. The album is also included in “Best 3/2022”