Carlos Cipa chooses WKDJ & Bosworth Music as publishing partners

Renowned composer and pianist Carlos Cipa has signed a long-term publishing agreement with Music publishers Bosworth Music and WKDJ Augment Publishing & Strategy GmbH. They are pleased to announce their cooperation with Carlos Cipa, who is currently touring Germany and Europe with his latest album “Ourselves, as we are” (Warner Music Classics). On this album, Cipa deliberately devotes himself to extraordinarily quiet playing on the border of the noisy, thus discovering a whole new piano sound world.

Carlos Cipa is known for his unique compositions of instrumental music, which exist on the borders between classical and contemporary in style. His catalogue also includes electronic and pop music. The combination of his impressive piano playing and his creative compositional style has already earned him an enthusiastic fan base and made him a sought-after live artist. Since 2022, Cipa has also increasingly devoted himself to serious music, composing for classical ensembles such as string quartet and wind quintet, and co-founding the new concert series “Feet Become Ears” in Munich and Leipzig. He has also established himself as a composer for film and television. 

With the signing of the publishing agreement between Carlos Cipa, Wise Music Group and WKDJ, all parties optimistically look forward to a promising collaboration, as Wise Music and WKDJ be able to contribute their individual strengths in the fields of classical/neoclassical and electronic music, as well as in the placement of Carlos Cipa’s works in film, TV and advertising. Working together, both publishers will help Carlos Cipa’s works achieve international distribution that does justice to the high quality of his work.

Carlos Cipa says“I am very happy to continue the collaboration with Wise Music and to have a new strong partner on board with WKDJ. The combined expertise of the two companies gives me great confidence in their abilities to create new opportunities and avenues, and I look forward to all the upcoming projects and artistic challenges.”

Michael Ohst, Managing Director of Bosworth GmbH comments: “Carlos is one of the most talented and successful composers of new piano music. We are delighted that he continues to place his trust in us and will continue to collaborate with us on exciting projects in the future. With our new partners at WKDJ, we have a well-connected team to cover all aspects of marketing Carlos’ works.”

Patrick Joest, WKDJ Augment Publishing & Strategy GmbH says: “We have been following Carlos Cipa’s unique work enthusiastically for some time now. The combination of compositional skill, sensitivity and innovation has already brought him a number of successes. We are optimistic that together with Carlos and our partner Wise Music we will be able to take this to the next level internationally.”

About WKDJ Augment Publishing & Strategy GmbH 
WKDJ Augment Publishing & Strategy GmbH is an emerging music publishing company founded by Patrick Joest, Sven Hasenjäger and Asterix Westphal, specializing in the individual worldwide support of selected composers. Its innovative approach and strategic partnerships have earned it a reputation as a dynamic and forward-looking publisher. 

About Wise Music
Wise Music Group is a leading independent publisher of classical, contemporary, evergreen, jazz, blues, pop and rock music. With a comprehensive catalogue of high-quality works and a global network, Wise Music has established itself as a reliable partner for composers in the fields of pop, classical, opera, ballet, film, television and advertising around the world.