We know somebody who can help.

“Wir kennen da jemanden” (WKDJ) means “We know somebody who can help with this” in German.

And that’s the principle driving WKDJ: A consultancy for artists, brands and media, creating new connections and adding value via our broad international network; supporting and co-piloting our partners guided by a collaborative spirit.

’Collaborative’ because this is how we are by nature – and because being able to create and work as a team is more relevant than ever in a time of disruption and paradigm shifts.

The folks behind WKDJ are all seasoned and successful, with loads of experience and a large global network across music releasing and music publishing, rights management, sync placements of music and media – yet curious enough to approach situations with a “beginner’s mind“:

To find new responses to new challenges and opportunities.

And we are looking forward to exploring new ways to work with you.

Contact us to find out how we can help.